Finding a Church - PH Church in Hull

Finding a new church that is right for you can be very difficult and it can also be very scary for people. People have lots of pre conceived ideas of what they believe a church is like. Well if you are looking for a Church in Hull we would love to give you some tips and ideas.

1. Spirit Filled - We hear lot in Church about being spirit filled. However when looking for a church a church that is spirit filled has to be a must. As Christians we believe in the Holy Spirit being God and so God in the form of His Spirit must be alive in a church. This means the gifts of the spirit must be alive in that church. The gifts are: Words of Knowledge and Wisdom, prophecy, healings, miracles, faith, tongues, interpretations of tongues and discernment will be all at work in a spirit filled church. Emotionally filled is not the same as spirit filled, we all love to feel emotional in church but more importantly your church needs to be spirit filled.  Here at PH Church in Hull we believe in our services being spirit filled.

2. Challenging messages - The purpose of preaching is to move you to make a decision. Maybe to make a decision to no longer be ruled by fear, maybe make a decision to share your faith or to stop a habit thats keeping you from getting closer to God. Religion talks, but Spirit filled and challenging messages acts. One thing that is guaranteed at PH Church in Hull is that you will be challenged through the messages to be more like Jesus and to live out His purpose for your life. 

3. Not stuck in the past - This is somewhat controversial but at the same time necessary. PH Church in Hull is part of a powerful Global movement which started by hippies getting saved. Many churches around the time missed out on receiving these hippies getting saved because they were not willing to make church relevant to these hippies who God was saving. A church that is not willing to be relevant to its culture will struggle to impact culture. We believe at PH Church in Hull we are in the world but not of the world, but we are still called to reach the world. Our principles never change but our methods do. 

4. Discipleship - Discipleship in its simplest form can be described as  "Mentorship by another Christian to help you fulfil your destiny in God" at PH Church in Hull we take serious Jesus's command to make disciples. We believe that with discipleship, mentorship and "exampleship" God can cause you to grow into the man or woman that he has called you to be. If you are looking to become a better disciple of Jesus, PH Church in Hull is the church for you.


God bless

Pastor Mo Timbo

PH Church in Hull 

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